Use Active Voice!

Passive voice might have its place in literature but not in your grant. Avoid using passive phrasing as much as possible and stick to active voice. Most people are taught throughout their school career to use flowery, verbose language. Not here. You need those responsible for approving your grant to not have to think about what they’re reading. Active language is more concise and straight forward. It can not only make you sound more confident but can also help you reduce word count!

So what’s the difference between active and passive voice?

Passive voice is when the noun doing the action follows the verb.

For example: The grant was written by Beyoncé.

Active voice is when the verb directly follows the noun doing the action.

For example: Beyoncé wrote the grant. 

See how much better that sounds? (Also, would it really surprise anyone that the Queen would be so well-rounded?)

We are well aware that it is incredibly tempting to use passive language and we are here to help clarify your statements. We love to help!

Happy grant writing!



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